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Walk Like MADD!
Posted on 05/05/2017

Walk Like MADD!

Walk like MADD! We are participating with the Sterling Walk like MADD on May 13 at 10 am at Park View High School. Several of our team members are participating in the walk and we will also have a table with our office information during the event. We are proud of our fundraising effort that has already surpassed our goal for this race and we look forward to seeing our staff pounding the pavement for a good cause.

We are continuing to collect used sneakers at our office. Please feel free to drop off a pair while you're here for your appointment, or come in any time during business hours to add your sneakers to the box! We also have registration forms available, in case you would like to join our team. If you're interested in joining or donating, you can check our progress or register to join us on our team site.

If you have any events planned in the community for which you would like sponsorship or participation, please reach out! You may contact us through our website or give us a call at 703-444-3710.