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An Exciting New Chapter for Sterling Virginia Smiles

We are excited to announce that Sterling Virginia Smiles is going through a transition! As of October 16, 2023, the pediatric patients from Sterling Virginia Smiles will see Dr. Staver

and Dr. Herbst at Cascades Pediatric Dentistry, located at 21165 Whitfield Pl. #105, Sterling, VA 20165. The phone number for the new pediatric dentistry office is 571-446-0355, and the

the website is

Beginning Oct 16, 2023, the general practice patients from Sterling Virginia Smiles will continue to see Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Mitnick at a new location behind Sweetwater Tavern at 21351 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 130. Joining Drs. Hubbard and Mitnick will be Dr. Megan A. Keynton Sill, who is partnering with Dr. Hubbard to carry forward the legacy of excellent dental care established by Drs. Mitnick and Herbst over the last 30 years in Sterling.

We look forward to fostering the same collaborative relationship our pediatric and general

practices have known throughout the years, simply from new locations. And you, our valued

patients, can rest assured that we will continue to practice the same high standard of dental

care to which you are accustomed, with the continuity and expertise of our caring, well-trained, and compassionate team of dental professionals.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our new offices. Until October 16th, please continue to schedule your appointments as usual at 703-444-3710. All your appointments scheduled after October 16th will be held at our new locations at the same date and time. If you have any questions regarding the relocation, please don't hesitate to call the office at 703-444-3710.


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