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Advanced Technology

At Sterling Virginia Smiles, Drs. Hubbard, Keynton Sill, and Mitnick believe in using the most advanced technology together with the most advanced dental techniques to improve our patients’ dental experience and improve their long-term oral health. 


The use of advanced dental technologies such as the iTero Element, Dexis  CBCT scanner, Acteon Sopro Intraoral Camera, and Deka laser allow for early, pain-free detection of potential problems to ensure dental issues are fixed before they become painful, complicated and expensive to solve.

iTero Element

The iTero Element is an advanced digital intraoral scanner designed to capture an accurate representation of a patient's teeth and oral structures without any messy and uncomfortable impression material. This device creates highly detailed 3D digital models of a patient's mouth in real-time and streamlines the process for a range of uses such as Invisalign treatment. The outcome simulator allows our Sterling dentists to showcase potential results and walk through the procedure so you feel confident in moving forward with treatment before committing.

Dexis CBCT Scanner 

The Dexis OP3D Pro Pan SDNS CBCT Scanner provides our team with detailed 3D images of a patient's oral structures, enabling precise diagnosis and treatment planning. It allows our doctors to assess your teeth, jaws, sinuses, and bone structures with reduced radiation exposure but improved image clarity.

Sterling Virginia Smiles Xray.JPG

Acteon Sopro Intraoral Camera

The Acteon Sopro717 Intraoral Camera is an advanced dental tool designed to enhance patient diagnostics. This handheld device captures high-definition images of the interior of your mouth, providing us with a clear view of dental conditions, such as cavities, gum issues, and cracked teeth in real time. Our doctors use the images for treatment planning and to monitor the changes over time.

Acteon Sopro Intraoral Camera.png


The Deka CO2 LASER  utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) technology for various intraoral dental  applications. This laser system is known for its precision and effectiveness in treating many dental conditions, including excess tissue removal for “gummy” smiles, labial and lingual frenectomies, apthous ulcer treatment and periodontal pocket management. 

Dexis CBCT Scanner .png
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