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Composite Fillings

A composite dental filling is a type of dental restoration used to repair a tooth that has suffered a fracture or more commonly, has been affected by tooth decay. 


Composite refers to the type of resin material used to color-match the natural shade of your teeth, making them undetectable from an esthetic perspective. 


Tooth decay can be prevented by taking good care of your teeth — including daily brushing and flossing and regular professional dental cleanings. If we find fully developed  tooth decay, we will recommend a filling and encourage you to have it addressed in a timely fashion to prevent lengthy and uncomfortable procedures, and to ensure you don’t get an infection. Our doctors at Sterling Virginia Smiles are here to help repair your compromised  teeth to ensure you have a healthy smile. Don’t delay getting a filling if you need it, as the longer you leave it, the bigger and more painful the issue can become.

Illustration of Composite Fillings
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