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Family Dentistry

Patient-Centered Dental Care

Our team at Sterling Virginia Smiles is trained to provide tailored treatment to the unique dental needs of different age groups so that we are your go-to practice for all your family’s dental needs. 


As we watch our littlest patients grow up, our doctors look ahead to take preventative measures for great long-term oral health. This may include dental sealants — thin, protective coatings typically made of composite resin that are applied to the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars to protect them from tooth decay. Although these are mostly placed in the newly erupted teeth of children, they can be beneficial to anyone with deep grooves or pits, and we provide these to our patients at our Sterling dental office. 


As a family dental practice, we also evaluate our younger patients’ orthodontic requirements and can offer Invisalign Teen treatment or refer them to an orthodontic specialist if necessary for other corrective procedures.

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