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Botox Treatment

TMD and Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

While many people are familiar with the cosmetic benefits of Botox, it also has therapeutic value in certain applications. At Sterling Virginia Smiles, Dr. Hubbard can evaluate the muscles that close the jaw to determine if botox injections can help reduce tension and provide protection to the TMJ and teeth.

Anti-wrinkle injections offer a painless and highly efficient method to gently diminish the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, all the while preserving a natural and harmonious appearance with the rest of your facial features.


Botulinum toxin, commonly referred to as Botox, is a protein administered via injection into specific muscles to prevent their contraction. This action effectively halts the development of lines and wrinkles in those areas. 

We will set up a consultation to discuss where your areas of concern are.The results are seen after 7-10 days and are typically sustained for three to four months, making it a convenient and comfortable procedure with rapid effects. Prices vary depending on treatment so please speak to a member of our team to find out more.

Illustration of Botox injection
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